Who are "fan communication" platforms I like the boss really for?

Article: 'Fan forums' where idols and fans can send messages to each other, is it a form of communication or another way for companies to keep idols subordinate?

Source: Media Today via Naver

[+121, -8] In fact, even if I send you a message from hundreds of fans, when it equals a thousand different messages, how do you expect an idol like Karina to even go through and read them all? This is not a form of communication.

– [+46, -2] I doubt it's even Karina sending any of the messages

– [+2, -0] Today, it's easy to have an AI just write your emails for you

[+42, -5] What do we say about celebrity care?

[+21, -1] How do fans even know that the idols are writing the messages themselves and not actually some of the company's staff?

– [+2, -1] Because idols get into controversies every time they type with mistakes and improper grammar. If the staff were to write this agency for them, I doubt that they would write anything that would make them look like idols forever.

– [+3, -2] There's always boomers who don't want to believe this stuff… sometimes idols send the Bulls while they're live streaming, and there are hundreds of idols on the Bull, how do you expect staff to keep track of all of them and send messages for them. time?

[+42, -34] I feel too guilty waiting for little kids to use their salary money just to send me messages, sigh

– [+0, -0] I mean, no one was forcing them to join

[+1, -0] Idols like Karina are probably so busy with their schedules, I can't imagine them finding time for “communication”.

[+0, -0] People are so skeptical about these idol platforms thinking they are not idols, but if you live your life like this, how do you trust dating apps? Who do you know not to send these messages to you?

[+0, -0] I think most of the people from the marketing team are writing the answers…

[+0, -0] I highly doubt idols write anything

[+0, -0] Why would anyone believe it is idolatry to do this?

[+0, -0] The act will be outsourced to AI soon anyway

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