‘King the Land’ viewership drops as it heads into its second half

Article: As ‘King the Land’ heads into second half, viewership ratings drop

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[+760] I myself am the ‘King of the Land’ which is very disappointing. Since I heard that Yoona and Junho were filming something last year, I thought the plan was something more special… but it’s the same old scene we’ve been doing for years. It’s so sad and obvious… and I’m just not happy.

[+519] The author from the 90s?? This whole drama feels like it was written and directed from the 90s.. so, I’m dying… I deleted it and can’t go back ㅋㅋ

[+383] I stopped watching after the first episode ㅜㅜ very childish, and definitely behind the times

[+174] Not what viewers wanted. The plot is too slow for everything Goo Won has to do. What the audience wants Goo Won to hurry up and punish the workers of Pyeonghwa, destroy the leader of Alanga, defeat his elder sister, and take over the King Hotel and the whole King Group, but all he is doing is blowing his lips with kisses, covering everything with saliva, the truth is that the audience is disappointed…

[+137] Classic princess charm from the ’70s

[+126] It’s pulling hard .. all those romantic love scenes and loud music are covered…

[+121] I guess I’m not the only one who’s fed up

[+112] I can’t believe there are still stories like this in this era ㅎ

[+91] It’s just a boring plan

[+59] It’s just a couple of back-to-back kiss scenes, and Yoona looks cute too.

[+74] The drama failed to pull me in both in terms of presentation and plot. I watched the sixth episode and stopped. This is the type of story to turn on when you have some time to kill.

[+51] King the Land = Kiss the Land… jokes about the internet being nothing but kiss scenes. No real plot to it… Just lots of love scenes.

[+35] It’s just a story of princesses and princesses… it’s a story about the only happiness of the two leaders who live it…

[+28] I’ve been rewatching ‘Red Sleeve’ for the last two years, and I can’t stop watching ‘King the Land.’ Just watching the pictures of their kiss posted on ‘King the Land’ I already deleted it.

[+25] Why are there so many kiss scenes and why are they playing so long?

[+20] There is no real plan. It’s just a vehicle for Yoona and Junho’s photos. Did the author actually write anything?

[+11] I stopped after the first part. I want to watch ‘Red Sleeve’ play over and over again ?

[+5] Don’t think all the words are cheating, why are there so many kiss scenes? There are many in each category. It feels like the writer has run out of ideas and is just killing time with all these kiss scenes.

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[+562, -31] I thought the ‘King the Land’ episode was not a drama but a tourist promotion video for a second. This whole series is a ridiculous plot twist, and you’re thinking the whole time that the next crazy thing isn’t going to happen and then it does. I will not watch it again.

[+240, -10] It’s a childish drama. Boring and poorly written. It lives on the support of its Hallu fans, and a country trying to make a quick buck from the Hallyu wave. I’ve never seen Lee Junho’s performance in ‘Red Sleeve,’ but this one was a miss for me…

[+198, -10] The story is so compelling and so incredibly hopeful. Poorly written, very clean of a story… The punching like Lee Junho is very well documented.

[+72, -7] The news is very bad. I bet Lee Junho is feeling ashamed inside and it’s better not to sign it.

[+29, -2] The success of the drama is a combination of Hallyu fans and the hit of Lee Junho’s first drama ‘Red Sleeve.’ ‘King the Land’ itself is poorly written, boring, childish… and is probably one of the worst dramas I’ve seen in recent years.

[+28, -1] It is definitely a drama made with the intention of exporting to Hallyu fans by casting two idols as the leads.

[+16, -1] I was happy at first but now it’s really forced… How can Sarang do the work of a whole hotel by himself.

[+15, -2] Kiss kiss~~ it’s not a drama, it’s just a child’s game that will not love…

[+11, -1] Just 10 years ago, all the popular stories were based on this plot… the classic Cinderella story ㅎㅎ seems like our country has raised its standards since then ㅋㅋ

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