Netflix puts off webtoon series ‘Hunting Dogs’ because of Kim Sae Ron scandal

1. Get her out of the business for good. Be the model for others to follow. and driving is a sure way to end your career.

2. She tried to whack her luck out of the window.

3. Why not add her death to the plot? The character may die from an alcohol-related crash and that would be an obvious way for her to go. her.

4. It’s like a lot of money is likely to be lost. I’m sure the pain of the fans who left her will be much more devastating than the loss of money in the end. Hope she learns and reflects.

5. She could retire and earn similar to Shoo and dance for cash on Afreeca TV

6. Please ensure that drunk drivers will be forever exiled from the profession

7. The scandals of celebrities not just about them. The work of producers and staff, investors, co-stars and viewers are all at risk. The focus should not be on “reflecting”, they should be removed immediately and for reasons that are for the best.

8. Potential murderers like her need to be put away

9. Don’t label this as an “one time mistake”. You’re fortunate that you struck an electrical safety device and not any human being. Think of the families you would have damaged! Intoxicated driving celebrities out!

10. It should be made sure that students who are drunk and bullies never be seen in public ever again.


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