Bong Joon Ho and others have raised their voices for more regulation in reporting celebrity scandals.

Article: Han Hyo Joo uploads the photo of Lee Sun Gyun's meeting in support

Source: Herald Economy via Naver

[+1,005, -44] Han Hyo Joo, you should focus more on finding the truth behind what your brother did in the army. I can still hear the cry of the dead soldier's father.

[+551, -66] What a joke. So now celebrities are trying to say it's a crime to report their crimes? What makes reporting the truth so wrong? The media did what they had to do by reporting the facts of the matter, and the conversation that was recorded was leaked by the slanderers…why do you think the journalists didn't open that? Do you think that famous people don't need you or something? Do you think you can create these images for yourself while hiding your personal lies? Do you know that the US, Japan, and Europe have worse social media than what you have to deal with here? If you don't like your dirt on the media, then you won't be famous.

[+403, -17] Han Hyo Joo's brother threatened a child in the military. Lee Sun Gyun, a married man, was involved in drug dealing with politicians before the murder at the center of the investigation. Who is really at fault here?

[+301, -15] Han Hyo Joo-ssi, pipe down

[+230, -17] So why were you all silent during the entire time he was being examined and only spoke now?

[+85, -1] People are often led to believe that rape is the solution to their problems because people like everyone in this press conference always absolve you of your crimes if you kill yourself.

[+62, -1] Let me remind you all, you shut your mouths when you were really alive and suffering. None of you stood up and stood next to him. Why is there an uproar now that he is dead?

[+48, -1] Are they really doing this for the dead or for themselves?

[+45, -2] Why do celebrities act like they are above the law??

[+42, -1] This is a huge wealth that comes from famous people who earn millions from public support and still choose to do immoral things.

[+35, -1] So what do these celebrities want? Do they want the wealth and fame that comes with their work but no corporate responsibility?

[+23, -0] You were definitely tight-lipped when he was cross-examined, now you look like you're fighting for justice.

[+20, -2] So what do they really want in the end? Should celebrities be able to do drugs in secret and get away with it? Shouldn't the police be able to touch them? He did all the drugs and cheated on his wife, why shouldn't that be investigated? Did they want the police to “go easy” on him and ask?

[+19, -1] He had the choice of just being loyal to his family, and he chose not to. Why doesn't the media report it? An A-lister caught cheating on his family with an ap*ristute in his twenties is front-page news, why do you think the media doesn't report that?

[+16, -1] Am I the only one who self-righteously thinks that they were all gagged and bound while he was alive and are now speaking out?

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