The number one BTS song, selected by Japanese fans

1 Epiphany

2 Euphoria

3 Moon

4 Trivia Zhuan : Seesaw

5 Winter Bear

6 Filter

7. Still with You

1. I was thinking that Euphoria was the number one song.

2. I like all BTS solo songs.. They’re all great… among these, Just Dance is really insane that I like it to pieces…

3. I really like Epiphany I enjoy it often although I’m not a huge fan.

4. I really enjoy Epiphany the lyrics are amazing and even more enjoyable when you listen to it live yuyu

5. Epiphany is a song with a strong emotional melody, as well as lyrics that are great

6. I’m not certain however, I do listen to Euphoria and Epiphany often

7. I like all BTS solo songs

8. The BTS songs that have me giddy about BTS include Epiphany and Answer. I listen to the songs at least once a day

9. It is essential to hear Epiphany live during the concert. It’s an incredible piece of music

10. Muggles also enjoy Jin’s songs

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