[INSTIZ] Do you think Han So-hee can become as hot again as before the incident?

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Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Do you think Han So-hee can become as hot again as before the incident?
1. Clearly she can
2. In the case of actors, if they choose a very good job, they can become a hot topic again no matter what crime they committed. Han So-hee has not committed a crime, so of course, if she chooses only the good things, she will do well.
3. Actors pay attention to the job they choose and the character they play. Haha, they may not have committed crimes like drugs or drunk driving, but they should choose a good job. Criminal actors who have chosen good careers also continue to achieve success with the characters they play…lol…
4. Han So-hee also has that kind of face, and there are many people who like her aura, so I’m sure it won’t change much.
5. Only time will tell, but no matter where I go, people bring this up.
6. Yes, the style is great, so it attracts attention every time I go to the airport… It was really pretty even when I came back from Hawaii.
7. Yes, but at the same time, I think it will be a burden forever… Even for other actors, even if there is good news around them, if you scroll through the comments, there are always people talking about their past.
8. Yes, because she is a good actress.
9. You’ve been so mean to me hahaha I don’t know…
10. It's still good now, but…
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