Lee Hyori's faceless selca received a lot of support

Article: 44-year-old Lee Hyori's faceless and wrinkled selca revealed… support poured in

Source: Newsen via Nate

[+331, -56] She looks beautiful. It looks so much healthier than those fake stretch marks.

[+177, -30] This is what beauty means to me. My eyes already felt peaceful looking at him.

[+173, -21] It just smells human, there is nothing fake about this

[+76, -19] Great!!!

[+18, -3] He is now in his mid-forties, and should be expected to be wrinkled. No current idol can match his popularity at his peak. This is better than trying to hide her age with plastic surgery and photo manipulation.

[+13, -1] I'm glad he never lied about those kinds of things

[+11, -2] It takes courage. I only have a few friends who follow my Instagram but even I am forced to put my selcas through filters and all kinds of things before posting. It takes a strong mind to post a picture of your natural self!

[+9, -5] He is handsome for 44

[+8, -2] Beauty really comes from nature

[+6, -0] His eyes were always wrinkled, even when he was young. He is very, very good at everything.

[+6, -2] Your eyes are more comfortable looking at someone who looks like a person

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