Song Ji-eun announced the news of her marriage to Park Wi.

article: Song Ji-eun personally confirms marriage to Park Wi… “The wedding date is currently undecided.”

source: X Sports News via Nate

[+61, -6] I think she should spend at least four seasons with him before she quickly decides to get married.

[+41, -8] please don't marry him

[+25, -4] Even if two strong people are madly in love, there is a possibility of divorce…

[+14, -14] Look at these comments. I don't think he's a fraudster or a criminal. You guys who get married because you love each other are really cruel haha.

[+13, -2] Wow…now that's real love…

[+4, -2] She's driving a nail into her parents' hearts.

[+4, -2] That's why they say don't send your daughter to church. Because they are caught up in a savior complex, a good girl complex… and are more vulnerable to heresy.

[+3, -1] Just support them~ Love is not just about the physical body, it is definitely a connection between them that only they can share. Congratulations on your marriage~~

[+2, -1] It's crazy that people judge him when there are so many mentally ill people with physical abilities. You don't even know who he is! It is clear that he is an educated and well-bred young man.

[+1, -0] Congratulations, but honestly, if you were my relative, I would be against your marriage.

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