Am I the only one who loves skinny males?

I enjoy soft effects very much. For example, Ahn Jaehyun pre bulk up, GD or Jungwoo. I’m in love with those anchovy bodies. I don’t care about their shoulders appear a little too narrow, but they should be attractive with their body lines. Similar to how men love slim women, women might also like slim men.

1. I like slim guys too. I’m thinking of Kim Wooseok’s style for men. When I mention this to the people I know, they assume that I am a fan of guys similar to Han Min Kwan so I need to quickly rectify them. Take note of Han Min Kwan for reference.

2. Hul, you share the same tastes as I do. GD is the best in terms of slenderness according to my criteria.

3. To be honest, I’m in love with Kim Jungwoo’s physique. Jjang is jjang.

4. He’s the top in this class. In fact, he’s the top across all categories.

5. Sehun was a real person as he made his debut. Sehun was slim, but you must have the body of Sehun’s

6. My ideal body… The personification of broad shoulders and a slim waist

7. I am in love with slender, however you must have big shoulders. If you have big shoulders and a slim belt, being thin is a good thing.


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