Foreigners in Korea respond to the issue of the country’s low birth rate

Article: The issue of Korea’s low birth rate, as seen through the eyes of foreigners

Source: JTBC via Naver

[+1,403, -319] Most Korean men do not consider housework and child rearing as something they need to lead. And if you ask if it means that they contribute to the wealth in the family, it is not that either. Sure, if you ask them to do something, they will help you with it… but most women don’t just stop working but finish the housework and take care of a their children alone. There is a big difference between helping a project and taking the lead and doing it yourself.

[+521, -58] The economic situation and the maintenance of the environment of child rearing is very important but I think it is better to do in the family and child rearing falls on the women’s side of work that is more difficult.

[+472, -34] We are in a generation where women can go to college and get jobs just like men, but our culture and traditions still remain in the uncertain days of patriarchy. As soon as a woman gets married, she begins to suffer. I don’t want my daughter to walk the way I am. I want her to live confidently and independently.

[+377, -42] Suffering begins for women when they get married and have children

[+104, -5] The rising housing prices, the cost of education… I think most Koreans think that they are better off not having children if they can’t. they keep them and the Joneses, so we live now that we are forced. , but we don’t want that for our children. We believe that life below the middle class is meaningless, and this is the problem of our generation… We believe that a happy life is the only thing we live in a house rent in a big city and send our children to a SKY college.. .The tragedy of our country is the only way of life we ​​have allowed to thrive.

[+75, -6] Even foreign women who have only lived here for a short time can easily see what it’s like, but Korean men are more likely to talk their mouths off than admit the truth. . Extermination is the only solution for our country ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

[+52, -3] It’s a shame… foreigners can analyze our problem better than our own government…

[+51, -2] The stranger who said that a woman’s life is over when she has children is true. We are not cows for you to feed.

[+33, -3] Society requires all three things from women: housework, child care, and holding down a job. The truth is that women will start to lose one because the other two are not that difficult in comparison.

[+23, -2] My experience from living in Korea is that I am unhappy, and I know that it will only increase as time goes on. I wonder how much worse it could be for my son. That’s why I think people don’t want to have children.

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