Jang Wonyoung called out for reposting Samsung event photos with her iPhone

Article: “Isn’t Jang Wonyoung a Samsung fan” ruthless iPhone switch after event ends?

Source: Herald Economy via Naver

[+6,295, -111] That’s a really rude thing to do after being paid for the event

[+3,315, -68] Does she have nothing in her brain? She’s not able to think?

[+2,057, -27] Mm.. yeah, this is rude. Why bother reposting it at all if you’re going to use an iPhone.

[+1,045, -84] Really disappointed in Jang Wonyoung, that’s frustrating

[+531, -29] That’s betrayal

[+405, -7] So comparable to BTS who has always done the right thing. I think Samsung needs to part ways with trash like this and hire better models…

[+357, -13] She’s Chinese, right?

[+337, -5] Only true Samsung models like Suga should be invited to these events. Why would you even hire someone who uses an iPhone to model for you? Just stick to people like Yoo Jae Suk.

[+271, -4] Why would Samsung bother with inviting kids like this to their event. This is just another job for her. Don’t bother hiring her back.

Jang Wonyoung called out for reposting Samsung event photos with her iPhone

[+262, -5] She needs to learn to be humble if she wants a long lasting caerer. And know her place. I’ve been seeing more and more negative articles about her in the news, and I think she needs to start watching her actions.

[+197, -2] Is her head empty…..

[+177, -8] I really can’t stand her at all…

[+170, -3] So she’s proven that she’s not a professional at all, huh?

[+159, -3] Samsung, you are not desperate enough to be having kids like this model for your brand. Such an empty brain. Just stick to kids like Suga.

[+156, -3] She should’ve respectfully declined the invitation if this is how she was going to behave. This is why I’m more fond of BTS. They are true patriots. Stuff like this just pisses me off as a citizen of our country!

[+121, -5] I just can’t ever warm up to her

[+106, -1] So disloyal. Samsung should not do any more deals with her.

[+107, -4] Okay, but why bother inviting someone who uses an iPhone in the first place?

[+76, -2] This is basically the equivalent of bringing a New Jeans CD to an IVE fan signing…

[+77, -4] If you’re going to be this rude and dumb, please don’t bother accepting the money to attend these events

[+77, -5] I consider this more to be Samsung’s fault. They’re the ones who invited her.. and their staff are the ones who failed to check who are real Galaxy users and who are not. Jang Wonyoung simply reposted something with the phone she normally uses. Samsung’s marketing was a miss here. But… I’m glad they at least invited a real Galaxy user like BTS Suga. Samsung needs to start zeroing in on real Galaxy users for their marketing to be more effective.

[+79, -9] There are two idols that I dislike the most and they’re Jang Wonyoung and Jennie

[+72, -4] Samsung needs to focus on the real Galaxy users.. Kim Heechul is an avid Galaxy user. Focus on inviting those guys.

[+54, -1] Should just keep kids who get into controversies all the time like Jang Wonyoung out from events like this.

[+54, -4] This is Samsung’s fault. Every idol fan knows that Jang Wonyoung’s an iPhone user. What did Samsung event? All of the photos she posts have been from her iPhone… did Samsung really think having her attend their event and take a few photos with their phone would be effective marketing? She’s merely done what she was paid to do. Samsung’s the stupid one for inviting her in the first place.

[+51, -1] I don’t think she’ll be getting any Samsung CFs or deals for the rest of her career. She needs to think more. Actions matter when it comes to getting CF contracts.