Vietnamese TikToker calls out racism in Korean beauty standards against Southeast Asian idols

Article: Vietnamese TikToker calls out Koreans for their discrimination among Southeast Asian ethnic groups “Thai Lisa looks Korean?”

Source: Herald Economy via Naver

[+253, -17] So ask yourself: in your country, when someone tells you that you look Korean, is it a compliment or an insult? Also, if someone tells you that you look Vietnamese, is it a compliment or an insult? If the Vietnamese view is called hate, then there is no difference between your country and our country, and if the Korean test is called it is hatred, which means that your country is also making prejudiced opinions. We find the equivalent of beauty. Keep your jealousy to yourself.

[+117, -2] We can’t help our understanding of what we find interesting. Is he saying to change our understanding? ㅋ What is beautiful for Europeans, what is beautiful for Asians are all different, like what is beautiful for Koreans and what is beautiful for Southeast Asians are different… why is it considered different? are your preferences racist?

[+96, -21] He was right. Our country is very racist. I know that. But I can’t stand it when other countries discriminate against us. It can’t be helped.

[+69, -8] We know the difference in our looks, but we don’t discriminate in that. Influencers like you are the ones who amplify these issues to draw attention and incite more anger on each side.

[+16, -0] What is this load of cattle?? Our country is more Korean than most cultures. It is a human trait that we feel close to people like us (either mentally or physically). They are more like us. Why do you think we like people like Jonathan? Because his mind is very Korean.

[+56, -43] He is straight to the bone. It is time we acknowledge these problems and work to fix them.

[+12, -1] Every country has their own style, it’s ridiculous that he’s calling us racist ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+13, -3] It’s not discrimination. It’s a contrast to what our country likes and doesn’t. Why are you bound by your own jealousy? Koreans have our own beauty standards, and sometimes Southeast Asian looks don’t fit those standards, but that doesn’t mean we feel superior to you. Do we feel better about our economic situation? No, we just think it’s a result of our hard work. Do we feel more beautiful? We are like that. I actually find Misamo the prettiest from TWICE. Does that mean I think Japan is better than us? No, I just find them cute, that’s all. I find Hanni the prettiest in New Jeans. Do I know that Vietnam is better than us? No, she matches your beauty standards.

[+6, -0] Does Lisa look Korean? I never thought of it like that.. it’s cool in a Korean style. On the other hand, Jennie is a pretty face but she doesn’t look Korean either. Looks like Southeast Asia. None of this is racist!!

[+6, -0] Koreans say, if you’re pretty, you’re pretty. Your country is as beautiful as Korea, that’s your own issue~~ why are you so motivated? ㅋㅋ You’re trying to tell us you’re racist because you’re called ugly ㅋㅋ

[+5, -0] Why speak as if the Vietnamese do not look down on Cambodia because they are poorer than them… Each country has its own issues. Yes, Koreans are prejudiced because of looks, but it’s not racism ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

[+5, -1] But yes, racism is an issue we should think about. Our country has a real problem in keeping our culture closed to our own people.

[+9, -6] He is right. You’re racist if you don’t understand what he’s saying.

[+3, -0] Let’s be honest, we also get angry when a foreigner asks if we are Chinese, and feel anything when someone asks if we are Japanese… I think their case is similar to that.

Source: Naver

[+2,064, -135] There is racism, but is there any country without racism? At least our country is not a terrorist. People don’t know how good our country is until they are beaten in a random way in America.

[+1,219, -82] It’s okay, but they are the ones who consider telling that Korea looks like one of the best compliments ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ it’s not true the injury problem.

[+669, -85] He was right, though

[+265, -15] That was his own opinion

[+197, -3] I agree with half of what he said, and think he exaggerates the other half… Yes, our country looks down on Southeast Asians.. And many Koreans behave badly when they travel to these countries. Yes, I’ll admit that we don’t have good views of the workers here… I don’t speak for many but those views are all I can say. However, this is just a difference of opinion, we are not as bad as some European countries in terms of racism. Racism exists everywhere in the world. And while this TikToker is right to point that out, I think the problem is that he’s exaggerating his ideas.

[+167, -5] What did he say? Lisa is more popular in Thailand than here. Why is he asking why he is not popular in Korea? It’s like asking why a Japanese actor is more popular in Japan or why a Chinese actor is more popular in China. Why can’t our country prefer a representative from our country over a representative from another country?

[+166, -19] Is it racist? Do we only find things interesting or not? ㅋ He’s ugly and probably got a lot of bad treatment, and it seems like this comment is from his own experience.

[+140, -4] I read his entire article and it seems that he does not accuse us of racism but of the view, and that Koreans are racist, even us Koreans, if they do not meet our standards of beauty. And while I agree that our country has a problem with visibility, I think it’s the same everywhere in the world. Lookism has always been there.

Source: Naver

[+920, -37] The racism here is not “on a crazy level.” Go to Italy or the US and let’s see how bad racism is

[+325, -19] Racism is everywhere… do we have to be perfect? The hands of all nations are naturally bent inward

[+79, -0] The funny thing is that this comes from a country like Vietnam that also breeds white skin and noses ㅋㅋ

[+63, -2] It’s not racism… it’s vision. It doesn’t matter what race you are, we call you beautiful if you are beautiful. The racism you felt wasn’t because you were Southeast Asian but because… you weren’t pretty.

[+41, -0] What is it about “looking Korean” that makes it a compliment? It really means you look like a Korean. This is a ridiculous accusation that only incites anger on all sides.

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