‘Little Women’ is a real thriller without princes or oppas

1. [+949, -75] Is this drama worth watching all at once? If yes, vote up; if no, vote down.

2. [+268, -14] I’m incredibly impressed with how far Korean dramas have progressed in terms of diversity and direction. The screenplay is carefully thought out, the photography is elegant, the performers are superb… this is one of those dramas when all three work wonderfully together.

3. [+148, -20] I’m loving the drama, but I must say that it grows in a stupid manner with no basis in reality. Choo Ja Hyun is resurfacing today

4. [+34, -6] There is really too little development. The narrative is forced, and every scene is tedious. Every phrase seems like it was written with the intention of seeming clever and informed, but it doesn’t reach the heart.

5. [+23, -2] I was intrigued by how the drama would unfold until the eighth episode, but by the ninth episode, I was shocked at how ludicrous the progression seemed.

6. [+16, -0] Every week, I look forward to this drama. It’s a shame that the last episode is tomorrow.

7. [+13, -1] It’s not practical… yet I can’t believe that what I know is the only thing that exists… I can’t rule out the idea of such a world existing. It’s entertaining to watch.

8. [+14, -5] It’s too difficult to understand… yet I’m sure it’s different for everyone.

9. [+10, -1] Simply watch the drama. Take a look at the comments to see how split everyone is. It’s pointless to argue about who is correct or incorrect. Simply watch it for yourself. Tomorrow is the last episode, and I, for one, am beyond excited!

10. [+7, -1] Great performers, a fast-paced narrative, surprise plot development… however there are a lot of loose ends. It would be a much greater drama if they could wrap up some of those loose ends, which is a shame.

11. [+8, -3] It’s fantastic.

12. [+7, -2] I stopped watching it. Such a distorted, unrealistic reality. The drama advances at 5G speed while attempting to persuade me at 2G speed

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