[THEQOO] Popular Chinese influencers who look like Korean celebrities

Yoona VS everything you you

Jeon Ji-hyun vs Wang Xiaoba

G-Dragon VS Ji-Rong

IU VS Meimei

Lee Jong-seok vs. Chen Xiaoyong

Kim Min-hee vs Fan Si-si

Lee Dong-wook vs. Tsuwoong(?)

Lee Bujin vs Chunxiao

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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen
Article: Chinese influencers who are popular because they look like Korean celebrities.

1. They all look the same hahahaha
2. Ah, it’s so fucking annoying that they look alike.
3. Lee Boo-jin, what’s going on? Hahahahahahahahahahaha
4. Wow, there are so many people, I think there will be more doubles.
5. Lee Boo-jin hahahahaha
6. G-Dragon and Keelung haha
7. They look a little similar
8. They all look the same…

9. Jeon Ji-hyun looks nothing like her
10. I can guess who all the celebrities are except Jeon Ji-hyun and Lee Dong-wook lol.
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