Court fines man 500,000 won for calling Suzy ‘national hotel girl’

Article: Hate commenter who called Suzy ‘national hote girl’ gets punished in court

Source: Korea Ilbo via Naver

[+381, -15] I think featuring Suzy’s image so big on an article like this will hurt her image even further..

[+191, -22] Punished as he should be. Did he not think that if his own mother, little sister, or nuna was called ‘national hotel girl,’ that they wouldn’t feel embarrassed and harassed? People who say such things online should expect to be punished for it. It’s become so normalized that I don’t think people realize how wrong it actually is.

[+76, -1] I didn’t even know such a case was going on until now…

[+16, -1] I think news of this case getting out will hurt her image more than if people just didn’t know about it.. Suzy’s image will hurt more than the 500,000 won penalty fee that he’s required to pay.

[+11, -0] Hate commenters have said some really nasty things about Suzy. I understand why she’s mad. There were so many comments treating her like a cheap s*ut. They deserve to be punished for it.

[+11, -1] Does freedom of expression not exist anymore? If we all get sued left and right for anything we say, will positive things be the only thing allowed to be written?

[+12, -3] This is a funny court case because it wasn’t until today that people found out that she was being called a national hotel girl ㅋ

[+9, -0] I don’t even know why this court case took 8 years, it seems so simple

Source: Naver

[+744, -6] The only guilty party in this case is the judge for taking 8 years to rule on this

[+132, -1] Was this really something that needed to take 8 years to come to a conclusion on? Why are judges so incompetent…

[+54, -7] That hater must’ve spent a ton in lawyer fees ㅋㅋ that’s probably enough to make him reflect on his actions

[+25, -0] The only winners in this case the lawyers from each side…

[+22, -0] What I find ironic about this whole thing is that this could’ve just been kept buried as something that happened 8 years ago, but with the trial concluding today, Suzy’s hate comments are getting the spotlight once again. I don’t think the media should be specifying the exact hate comment, the “national hotel girl,” that started this trial in the first place. Just say there were some hateful comments said. Specifying exactly what it was is just hurting her even more!

[+17, -0] Only 500,000 won? Suzy’s agency should be charging him for compensation of all losses on top of mental health treatments! 

[+12, -1] But was one hate comment really necessary to drag all the way to the Supreme Court through 5 trials over the course of 8 years? It should’ve just been over at the first hearing ㅡㅡ Seems like the judges just wanted a chance to see Suzy in real life and kept dragging this out ㅋ

[+7, -0] The penalty fee is way too little

[+5, -1] At least we’ve set a positive precedent

[+5, -1] This is such old news that Suzy was probably better off ignoring it. Now people are just going to be reminded of her hotel scandal again.

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