‘Squid Game 2’ crew called out for disrespecting pedestrians during filming

Article: “The staff is commanding everyone in a neutral voice” ‘Squid Game 2’ staff under controversy for the use of authority.

Source: Daily Economy via Naver

[+1,827, -4] I hate it when photo crews screw people up just trying to live their lives on these photo sets

[+753, -27] I can smell the dew… I won’t watch it because of Choi Seung Hyun

[+599, -4] These movie workers show themselves above everyone else in the way they try to control the crowd…

[+359, -10] ‘Squid Games’ should have ended on a happy note

[+223, -7] A lot of drama surrounding this upcoming season, I think it will fail

[+79, -0] Airports are public places, who thinks they should behave like this to the crowd around them?…

[+54, -0] Just hand them back. Raise your voice, grow some thick skin, and start disrupting their recording.

[+41, -0] This season looks like a slump before it even starts… especially with that fight in the putting…

[+33, -1] I knew a dongsaeng who auditioned and they contacted me later and asked if he would be willing to work on it for free. It’s sad that they make a lot of money from scams and keep trying to cheat people out of their money.

[+27, -0] This is the second season they have scored TOP. Don’t bother catching the rest… I sincerely hope that the producers will meet with an obstacle.

[+20, -0] I hope everything will go well. TOP should leave the cast if he has any shame.

[+21, -2] We should just ban the filming of stories in public. Let them taste their own medicine.

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