A woman claims that 'Actor L' filmed her and turned her into a ghost without her consent.

article: 'My private life was filmed without consent -> A ghost told me to break up' Assi, actor L revealed, “It's completely different from the innocent image in entertainment shows.”

source: Sports Chosun, via Nate

[+322, -33] I've always hated this guy. Why do I do this more than what I'm told on entertainment shows? Tsk tsk

[+236, -7] The least you can do when breaking up is to show some respect. Anyway, I can't believe this guy is so old and still acts like this…

[+192, -17] Make it all public. These people live off of their popularity. Bad character should not be tolerated.

[+88, -4] It's almost public information, but who is it?

[+37, -0] All she wants to know is whether he deleted the photos or not.. And he kept ignoring her so she had no choice but to go public..

[+28, -0] The entertainment PDs organized the image really well.

[+16, -0] Why do you want to film there? lol

[+15, -0] I think every girl he's ever dated will think, 'Finally.'

[+15, -0] I'm so disappointed, you seem like a pervert.

[+12, -0] You can read a person's personality by looking at their attitude or angry expression on TV… Producers basically put a lot of energy into building that person's character on TV.

article: Actor Lee Seo-jin ranks #1 in search terms -> Netizens are interested in his whereabouts

source: Top star news through Nate

[+103, -1] It's true that most celebrities stay quiet about rumors like htis…

[+73, -1] Shouldn’t we stop broadcasting ‘Seojin’ now?

[+27, -0] Will season 2 continue?

[+16, -0] It can't be true… right? But for some reason, the media always seems to be right in their guesses.

[+5, -1] poor antenna

[+3, -8] Are you trying to kill another actor? Are you all doing the same thing as the Lee Sun-kyun scandal? Nothing has been proven to be 100% true yet and you guys are evil…

[+0, -0] So, is that person going to stay still? Huh

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