What happened to the North Korean lifestyle YouTubers that disappeared?

Article: What happened to North Korean YouTubers? It’s all gone

Source: Seoul News via Naver

[+1,112, -258] Maybe he was called to attend Kim Jong Un’s restaurant.

[+203, -8] Called home by the pig, perhaps

[+153, -1] I saw a documentary showing the facts of North Korea not too long ago. Their lives are worse than before, and they are going backwards in every area. We can give them all the money we want but it’s all going straight to Kim Jong Un to spend alone and shoot guns in the air. If we stop sending them money, I won’t give them many more years before they rot.

[+64, -8] A nation achieved through religious belief… tsk tsk…

[+19, -1] Children like those YouTubers Yoomi and Song-ah all end up in trouble when they are deported because they don’t want to go back to North Korea. That is why many North Korean ministers have failed. They no longer want children.

[+11, -1] I always thought that Yoomi’s face was the normal face that all women wear in worship. There’s a face they make when they realize they’re deceiving you ㅋㅋ it’s like they’re looking at you because they feel so confident that you’ll fall for their deception, like ” I’ve been chosen by 999 people in heaven, what about you? Tsk, I feel sorry for you, but let me help…” ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ that same deceiving face. Thinking about it makes me sad now.

[+9, -0] You must be so stupid that you fell for them in the first place

[+9, -1] The truth is that these two thought that many of us would believe…

[+3, -0] Who knows if they could have been killed by the way things were run there

[+3, -0] I bet they are screaming inside at the lie they are being forced to deliver.

[+2, -0] And Yoomi and Song-ah’s families were dragged to Kyonghung County never to be seen again…

[+2, -0] Maybe the pig chose to join his house, no one cares

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