[THEQOO] (G)I-DLE 2nd full album [2] Audio fragment

Track #8 'Wife' will be a pre-release on the 22nd

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Source: theqoo / Translation: KpopNetizen
Article: (G)I-DLE 2nd full album [2] Audio fragment.
1. Minnie is such a good singer.
2. All the songs are good, the B-sides of their first full album were also good, so I'm even more looking forward to it.
3. It seems like they were in a hurry to make the featured medley.
4. The songs are very good, number 6 is my type.
5. Oh Minnie and Yuqi are composing now.
6. 7 Days is Minnie's song, is she the one playing the guitar? The melody is so pleasant that I would feel like the main character of a movie if I listened to it alone with headphones walking down the street.
7. All the songs sound great ㄷㄷㄷ
8. Minnie and Yuqi participate in many songs.
9. First of all, Revenge is a very good song.
10. Seriously, what is Cube doing…? First of all I will listen to the songs.

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