Kim Tae Ri’s ‘Revenant’ started off as a smash hit

Article: Kim Tae Ri’s horror hit, ‘Revenant’ sparks curiosity

Source: Han via Naver

[+130, -8] He succeeded in piqued my curiosity

[+90, -4] As expected from the author Kim Eun Hee-nim~~ I’ve been waiting for you. Kim Tae Ri’s casual personality combined with Oh Jung Se’s serious but patient~~ just daebak, I can’t wait for the weekend now ~~

[+46, -0] This is more than the usual stories~

[+38, -11] I’d rather watch the author name Kim Eun Hee than Kim Tae Ri… Seeing Jin Sun Gyu in the first episode made it more like a movie. I wouldn’t say it’s very interesting to watch, though.

[+34, -12] I couldn’t sleep because I was so scared after watching this~ I want to keep watching but I don’t know what to do

[+20, -2] For the first time in a while it was the first thing I focused on the whole time. I can’t wait for more.

[+21, -4] Oh Jung Se’s performance is great

[+11, -0] The hand by the window was so scary… first drama in a while I’m going to record all the episodes for

Source: Knowledge through Instagram

[+77] I was too scared to even bother starting this. Scary things affect me a lot so I try to avoid them if I can.

[+52] I watched it last night and had to seriously think about whether I want to open my bedroom door when I sleep.. ㅋㅋㅋ I’m a scaredy cat

[+46] It really wasn’t that scary
– [+3] Okay, change your dirty pants and say that again ?

[+35] It was scary but good

[+29] I was too scared to look in the mirror after watching this last night

[+14] It was very good. I can’t wait for the next episode ???

[+10] This is a bad time

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