Children’s vocabulary to remove the word ‘vegetable’ from the norm "addictive" food like ‘mayak kimbap’

Article: Elementary school students don’t want ‘drug kimbap’ or ‘drug jellies’… “We ask that the word ‘drug’ be banned from commercial products”

Source: E-People via Naver

[+1,603, -6] These students are doing something good. I support them~!!

[+739, -1] I support them all the way. Drug crimes are on the rise, and it’s not a good idea to classify the word ‘drug’ as just something that’s “nice” like kimbap.

[+194, -4] I don’t know why we started putting drugs in front of these names. I will never buy anything with that name again.

[+126, -6] My son saw the word ‘drugs’ on the food menu and said to report it to the police.

[+101, -0] I support this… We certainly shouldn’t try to obscure the word from its meaning.

[+52, -2] Such smart kids. I support them! I look forward to a future led by such brilliant children!!

[+22, -0] The word ‘drugs’ is definitely not to be used lightly and freely.

[+11, -1] Just punish any restaurant that puts vegetables in front of their food!!! We should not use the word in everyday life…

[+9, -0] Yes, delete it. The kids are right.

[+9, -0] ‘The ddukbokgi drugs’ always bother me. Change all.

[+8, -0] Using the word ‘drug’ to describe something addictive is no longer a joke. Drugs have become a major problem in our society and it is no longer something that can be ignored. I also support stopping ‘drug dealing’ and food.

[+8, -0] The blame falls on us adults. I’m sorry for making your children think that drugs are normal, something you can drink like water.

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