The Sserafim's music video fashion gets concerns from parents

Article: Parents of children “worried about my children copying this trend” after watching music videos of the idol walking the streets without pants”

Source: Finance via Naver

[+606, -38] Now it's just crossing the line. Idols shouldn't be dressed like this… They honestly look like street urchins in America.

[+242, -10] Pr*stitute see

[+196, -6] They should be ashamed… they should try to be heard for their group through their music, but this is not enough

[+132, -7] It's just a music video…if your kids are trying to copy this, that's a problem with their IQ

[+126, -6] What is the problem with the panty at all in this recipe ~

[+83, -0] Sometimes I feel shy when I see girls in leggings ㅜㅠ but it's too far

[+65, -2] Wonder if a man did this? He will be accused of being flashy!

[+47, -5] This is sad

[+18, -0] I don't think even kids in America dress like that

[+17, -1] So, is K-Pop just throwing status out the window now? Are we doing special features??

[+16, -1] Parents

[+7, -0] Hasn't a man dressed like this gone to a restaurant been arrested and fined?

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