Community sites judge Jang Wonyoung’s reaction to child reaching for her attention

Article: Clip of Jang Wonyoung flinching at young child’s hand… mom cafe’s criticize, “She’s being too harsh to a kid”

Source: Herald Economy via Naver

Mom community comments:
“This makes me feel a bit sad. I have a son that age who’s a big fan of Jang Wonyoung. If only she didn’t avoid him and just gave him a smile, it would’ve been a precious memory for him,”

“She didn’t handle this well,”

“Now that I’m looking at this again, I don’t like the facial expression on the short-haired woman behind her either, as well as the manager in the black clothes,”

“That’s so harsh to a young kid… I’m sure he just wanted to greet her because she’s so pretty…”

“I’m more surprised at the facial expression of the short-haired woman behind her… huk…”

“This is terrible, just look at the way she looks at him, tsk tsk,”

“Her true colors showed in that moment. She doesn’t seem like that friendly of a personality,”

“Yes, she had a right to feel surprised, but what we find issue is with how she handled it after… This is the kind of moment that shows what her true character must be like,”

“Her face looks as if something nasty touched her;;;”

“No one’s upset about her feeling surprised, we’re upset that she could’ve seen that it was just a child and gave him a smile… but her facial expression was…”

[+183, -7] How was she supposed to know whether the kid was reaching for her arm or anywhere else? Of course her first reaction should be to flinch

[+113, -1] The child’s age doesn’t matter, anyone would be surprised if someone tried to touch their bare skin like that ㅋㅋㅋ

[+98, -2] Touching someone’s body without consent is harassment

[+56, -1] Mothers of sons need to wake up and raise their sons right. My son would never do something like this. Manage your kids better.

[+53, -6] Chodings these days are not the babies that you all think they are. Jang Wonyoung was right to defend herself.

[+11, -0] Anyone would react like she did in this situation. It’s unfair to judge her character or worry about if the child got his feelings hurt in this situation.

[+8, -0] The government needs to step in and get rid of these mom cafe communities

[+8, -0] Isn’t it instinctual to avoid a hand that’s suddenly reaching for your bare skin? She reacted in a way anyone would have.

[+6, -0] That’s no baby, that’s a child who knows everything. I bet if he did get to touch her, he would’ve bragged about it at school.

[+6, -1] They’re both children… Jang Wonyoung’s not that old ㅋㅋ there’s nothing wrong with her feeling surprised over a kid like that

[+5, -0] That’s quite a big kid

Source: Naver

[+2,212, -29] How is she supposed to know if he was reaching for her arm or her chest? Especially in a world as dark as ours today? This is the parent’s fault for not keeping track of him

[+1,149, -7] I’m a man and even I’d be surprised if someone reached for me like that. These mom cafes are so annoying.

[+680, -2] These cafes are crazy ㅋㅋㅋㅋ so is she just supposed to let anyone reach for her and touch her????? Do these moms have brains???

[+342, -4] Please teach your kids better!!!

[+297, -17] I don’t get how moms can end up this crazy

Source: Naver

[+4,963, -28] Who wouldn’t be surprised if someone randomly tried to touch you like that? She’s an idol so she should manage her facial expression?? Please stop giving the rest of us moms a bad name. You ajummas need to leave these cafes and go live your lives quietly.

[+1,736, -14] These moms are ruining our country, especially with the recent teacher death

[+1,243, -11] Moms, please teach your kids that you shouldn’t touch someone without consent ㅠㅠ I see kids trying to get their teacher’s attention by touching their arm and I hate it 

[+742, -47] These moms are crazy. They would go crazy if some stranger tried to touch them too. These 80s/90s moms are hopeless.

[+77, -0] Even if he’s an elementary school student, he’s still a big boy. I’d be surprised if he tried to touch me too. 

[+77, -1] The kid’s too big ㅜㅜ I’d be surprised and avoid him too. Celebrities are people~ they may shine on stage but they’re just like you and I off the stage.

[+54, -2] A kid of his size definitely knows enough to know better. I’d feel grossed out if some kid that big tried to touch me too. Why should she welcome his touch just because she’s a celebrity? As a celebrity, she puts herself at risk like this all the time, and I’m not surprised that she’s even more cautious of her safety than the average person.

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