It appears that the most coveted idols of visuals from the 4th generation have been revealed

ITZY’s visual artist Yuna

The visual artist of Aespa Karina

Visual artist of IVE’s Jang Wonyoung

Kep1er’s visual artist Shen Xiaoting

The visuals of the group were affected by the uncut and yellow filter of ‘Weekly Dol’ however

What’s the matter in her life?

1. Seriously, Yuna looks so pretty..

2. It looks like the top two teams won in this contest? ?

3. However, when I look at Karina I’m not sure about whether the mole beneath her mouth is a positive or negative thing in her appearance. She can look stunning at times however, she can look aged.

4. I’m sure this article wasn’t written by an adoring fan However If you showed these pictures to pedestrians on the streets and ask them who is most beautiful, I’m betting 90% of them will select the girl with the least attractive features.

5. Sullyoon is gorgeous, but the comments aren’t great.



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