Pachinko’s Actor Jin Ha under fire for the archiving hidden camera pictures of Korean grandmothers


Captions on certain photos:

“With such a sexually enticing model, I discovered it difficult to keep my obsession under control.”

“We now have a reason to gaze straight at her nose.”

1. He finished off himself with this. There has to be a way to create the test of character prior to signing contracts with famous people.

2. What is a psycho

3. Sigh. Please conduct background checks of actors before signing their names. How do you get the s**t everywhere in a show with a connection to Korean historical events.

4. Did he believe that his true nature was hidden forever? He needs to learn this time.

5. He’s American, isn’t he? Do you know of a lawyer who can handle this? He ought to be exiled. It is imperative that people not watch the show as well. Apple TV needs to get prepared to file a lawsuit to recover any damages.

6. Wow. What an insane psycho. What is the way this psycho be able to pass without being noticed? He’s a criminal on the making.

7. He’s been known for being a harrier to Korean grandmothers, yet he had the courage to appear in a show that told the tales of Korean immigrants‘ mothers? It’s not possible for this to be taking place.

8. We now have a better idea of his personality in the real world… looking at him wearing that female hanbok seems very perverted. Yesterday I was overwhelmed by his style that transcends gender lines. However, it turns out it‘s simply a pervert.

9. Each grandmother must make a claim against the defendant. Because the man is American likely to be fined an astronomical amount. This isn’t something the issue of an apology letter can be fixed. Someone from the Gyopo lawyers should tackle this issue. Discrimination and harassment of women. I believe that the US will take a stern stance on the man.

10. We must not allow a world in which a person who is like him can be successful.

11. He’s simply an obscene drug addict

12. He’s mentally sick. What is he thinking when he calls his self an actor. Tsk tosk

13. Get rid of the Hanbok. How dare you to taint it. It makes me gag it, which is awful

14. I was thinking he was an insane person after seeing him wearing the hanbok and it seems like I was right.

15. What’s the matter? There’s something seriously wrong with him.


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