“Pachinko” praised for its accurate historical depiction of various dialects and languages

1. Wow… I can remember watching the very first episode and thinking about how effortless everything was, even with the languages that were that were mixed in. I realize now that it’s due for the work of that translator.. incredible.

2. Thank you for sharing this tale. It could be a difficult history for our people, but it’s also an opportunity to share our story with the world , not just the fake version of it of the Japanese. I would like to see these stories will be utilized to make more movies and dramas which can be read to people from all around the world.

3. Sunja’s saturi looked absolutely flawless when she was speaking before the shaman.

4. There are many films about the horrendous experiences of the Nazi therefore I’m pleased that we finally have something that reveals the horrors Koreans endured as a result of Japanese. Japan has been guilty of such horrible things that I am pissed off that their nation is so popular today…

5. I’m an adult woman from Busan. My mother was an Jeju Haenyeo therefore I can understand some of their dialect, even though I’m not fluent myself. I was able to tell how the Jeju saturi that was used in the show was the result of lots of research. “Pachinko” provided me with the opportunity to see my grandmother’s childhood , and an understanding of the character she has as an individual.

6. My name is Kyungsangdo personally… as well. I was thinking that Sunja might originate from Busan due to how smooth her Busan Saturi sound.. But she’s from Seoul! There’s no reason to explain her proficiency other than she’s been practicing like a madman.

7. Japan invested a huge amount of funds trying to eradicate their horrible crime from the eyes of the world… And America exposed the whole thing before the entire world at one step such as this. Culture is a powerful force.

8. The entire drama is gorgeous. From the screenplay to the cinematography, and everything in between.

9. This show makes my heart hurt, even when it’s not an emotional drama and nothing else… it’s just that pain throughout the whole time I watch the yuyu

10. The play is an amazing work of art. It is a masterpiece that has significance both in its history and also enjoyable. It’s so elegantly done. Even American internet users are saying it’s amazing and exquisitely executed and demanding the Japanese make amends to their past.

11. I’ve read both the novel and am currently watching the show but the show definitely tugs on your heartstrings more. Its actors’ saturated saturis makes them appear like people from the country. Beautiful cinematography and modern day senses really warm my heart.

12. This story has been more historically instructive than any textbook.


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