Taeyeon’s Insta Post… She Looks like Mad

“It hurt my heart a lot to view such a hard video. I am crying and I am upset. Just how are you able to shoot a video such as*RB_IN* this nowadays…. This’s such a awful thing to-accomplish towards animals and humans, was there actually anybody who immediately ran towards the horse to find out whether it was okay? Simply who thought it to devise such a absurd way of filming..”

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I discover Taeyeon extremely fantastic to speak up like this with strength at the level she’s at. I truly hope everybody search this particular video up… I realize you can not help it in case you come across a gif of it, though it will shatter your brain. At this point I see why men and women are now being sanctioned with Corona 100x. It really is a whole lot more shocking when you realize It is not the first time such things happen.

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Taeyeon, Yoo Yeonseok and Park Sungkwang are all famous people. And Yoo Yeonseok simply being an actor himself atop it, it must have been not simple for them to speak up, though it is good to observe them venting their fury out… In case you are an individual, naturally this ought to be a thing to become furious over. But to speak out about it is difficult.

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Nearly all individuals that saw the particular video would have responded in much the exact way.. It was simply shocking.. I believed it was performed through CG. If the particular video never arrived on the scene, individuals would have never been aware of this particular d*ath

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I am crying f*ck… I can not get myself to see a video clip together with the horse in pain, without talking about simply reading through about the content, my heart and soul feels heavy. everything I could do for Kkami (horse’s name) is signing the national petition also I think very ashamed for this particular. Those f*ckers actors that are not giving some consideration on the situation and who chose to ab*se a hose will be the exact same thing. To me, they all are one and also the same. The trash director as well as producers and most of the workers f*ckers who made this occur on the filming place. I wish you all d*e a much more terrible d*ath than the horses.

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You are usual in case you had been upset by this. Taeyeon is awesome


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