Will Karina’s dating news really affect SM’s stock price?

article: “Was it because of Karina?” SM stock price falls due to dating news

source: Herald Economy via Naver

[+1,104, -27] Then please explain why the hive also collapsed. Because New Jeans got married?

[+543, -50] You guys are doing too much. If simple love news can have such a big impact on prices, what will happen to SM when marriage news spreads?

[+312, -46] Hello SM lol Idols are nothing without parasocial relationship marketing

[+245, -22] Enjoy your relationship, Karina. However, if Karina continues like this, she will have nothing left in SM.

[+217, -11] I feel like the former CEO of SM managed things better than this…

[+70, -6] People need to focus on their own lives. As for Karina, she's in her mid-20s, so it's not strange at all that she's dating haha. In a few years, there will be news of her dating Newjin.

[+67, -33] Karina lacks professionalism… who is her boyfriend? Yang Sang-guk or what?

[+29, -2] It's the last remaining top in SM… haha

[+27, -4] All this confusion about Karina lol, like there was a chance for the losers to even meet the tips of their toes. He will never date you and an otaku.

[+26, -6] Espa's songs are always so cringe-inducing and childish that it's hard to listen to them.

[+22, -3] To get one, you have to let go of one haha. The male fans will leave, and it will be up to the female fans to continue their career haha. I think it's too early for a 3-year-old group ㅜㅜ Now, Espa's popularity will be on the decline.

[+12, -0] If what you sell is a parasocial relationship, consumers no longer need to buy from you.

[+19, -8] Karina may be happy now, but the timing is not right. She was the aespa's last hope, but now she has ruined them all. Of course, the stock price will plummet because of that person haha.

[+13, -2] She is, after all, a major member of the aespa. This will lead to their decline.

[+11, -0] If Karina alone can have this much influence on the stock price, SM should close its doors haha.

[+7, -1] So who at JYP is dating a 4% drop in stock? lol

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