[PANN] The reason NewJeans failed to return was because of ILLIT.

The reason NewJeans failed to return was because of ILLIT.
HYBE's youngest group 'ILLIT' is about to debut.
They won't be back until Illit debuts because New Jeans will get a lot of attention when they return.

ILLIT is said to debut on March 25th, so NewJeans will make a comeback at least a month later in early May.

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Article: The reason New Jeans failed to make a comeback was because of ILLIT.
One. [+33, -1] HYBE doesn't have that. Jungkook, Seventeen, and New Jeans make a simultaneous comeback

2. [+25, -3] I'm not a Bernese, but I hope New Jeans' comeback is a hit this time… I remember being very embarrassed because New Jeans' comebacks kept overlapping with other HYBE groups.

three. [+18, -1] Is it because they are afraid of being compared due to overlapping concepts?
4. [+16, -3] That may be the reason, but New Genes has been so busy these days and has too many agendas. However, as far as I know, the official schedule is over and we are preparing for a comeback, so I think we may be filming a music video soon.

5. [+8, -2] Are you a CEO? lol

6. [+5, -4] Given Taylor's return in April, why should NewJeans be interested in them?
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