‘Squid Game 2’ was criticized for the lack of women in the cast

Article: “Where are the singers?” ‘Game Squid 2’ was criticized

Source: No News via Naver

[+1,164, -94] Where are the old boys? Isn’t this discrimination? Or the generation? Where is the representative for youth rights? And strangers? This is the racial symbol. Will there be dogs in the show? We live in a generation where pets are considered family. And goldfish?

[+297, -15] ‘The Roundup’ shows that the secret to beating the daebak is to provide useless information

[+214, -14] I’m sure they’ll know, it’s none of our business

[+130, -24] Not this one. Aren’t there a lot of movies that the movie is based on?

[+37, -0] They are available when needed, I’m tired of these fights and arguments…

[+21, -1] Where are the cats? The commentators would be very wrong not to include it

[+14, -0] Well, maybe the conspiracy is no longer wanted -_-

[+11, -2] Never in my life have I seen a series criticized for not having female leads… ㅎㅎㅎㅎ what about animals? Will there be airplanes at the show? Car…? Why isn’t my favorite main character in this? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+10, -1] Is male or female important in creating a work like this?

[+8, -1] It is required for the land or not. There’s no reason for the show to go out of its way to create female characters if it doesn’t have to.

[+7, -0] There were also no popular female stars in the first season. They all became famous after the fact~~

[+6, -0] Well, maybe they weren’t needed for the plot? Why is this a problem? Is there a need for allegorical dramas to have equal representation of men and women? There are many dramas with up to 8 women, right?

[+5, -0] Why is there no black actor? A Joseon man? A protester? A white person? A Latina? Why are there only Koreans in this show? Is this show racist?? I am very disappointed

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