Ryu Jun-yeol returns from Hawaii without Han So-hee

article: “Han So-hee is still in Hawaii” Ryu Jun-yeol returns to Korea alone

source: Sent via Nate

[+306, -3] Wait, they were together the whole time and still couldn't communicate clearly?

[+264, -6] I wish they would stop with this Casanova behavior. Even Won Bin and Jung Woo-sung live a quieter life.

[+264, -1] Was he with her the whole time? Then she should have banned his new girlfriend from accessing the internet.

[+168, -12] I think he would have been offended by Han Sohee's behavior this week haha ​​I wouldn't be surprised if things ended between them.

[+40, -0] Ah, the successful squid face is back.

[+38, -1] What..they were together in Hawaii the whole time? I thought you were in Korea… ugh, why didn't you block his internet access… oops

[+33, -0] The charm of 37-year-old Ajusi, who resembles a golden mandarin fish…

[+29, -2] Wow~ The big star is back home~

[+25, -1] I think he really thinks he’s Jung Woo-sung.

[+22, -1] I can't stand this bastard who hides his ugly face behind a woman haha ​​Poor Sohee noona ㅜㅜ Ugh

[+19, -2] Wait, so he was with that girl?? But are you still hiding?? And just watching this all unfold?? I hope Han So-hee wakes up. But if she was sane she would never have put a picture of her knife on her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. She would have blocked her from the beginning.

[+15, -2] Wow, his face never fails to shock me. From Hyeri to Han Sohee… If she weren't a celebrity, no one would look TWICE at her on the street.

[+13, -1] Poor guy… he caused this whole scandal before Han Sohee even spoke about their relationship.

[+12, -1] I wonder what position he will take… His girlfriend is being stupid, will he take her side or cut her off?

[+9, -0] They said they originally had tickets together, but changed it at the last minute.

[+8, -0] It is absurd to say that no matter how big a star is, if the public turns on it, nothing happens.

[+3, -0] He looks like a total criminal haha.

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