The rumor that the participating teams sneakily spoiled in the Queendom 2 teaser

Q – Cherry Bullet

E – Dream Catcher

D – Cosmic Girl

O – Stay C

1. What is this? I’m the only one who doesn’t understand.

2. no way;; Cherry Bullet Dreamcatcher should go to Road to Queendom

3. What kind of foreign fan rumor is this?

4. I don’t think that’s right at all.

5. Cherry Bullet said it would make a comeback in March, but it’s not…

6. No, you have to get the English spelling right to fit it right?

7. Isn’t Stay coming back?

8. Stay C’s comeback in February…?

9. Starship doesn’t have a bad relationship with Mnet..? Are you reconciled?

10. Why does it look so plausible hahahahahahaha

11. I wish Cherry Bullet would come

12. Apart from the main text, it has nothing to do with the comeback. It was overlapped with ATEEZ’s comeback week and half of them were cheerful and the Kingdom came out.

13. I don’t think it’s Cherry Bullet.

14. It’s so absurd

15. Hey, I knew that StayC couldn’t come out on Mnet ㅠㅠ

16. Why the hell did you come to that conclusion?

17. Away from fitting in or not: I love all those teams so I miss them haha

18. StayC won’t come back?


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