Choi Siwon denies involvement with the bitcoin scam

Article: Choi Siwon denies involvement with bitcoin scam “I have nothing to do with it.”

Source: Seoul News via Naver

[+153, -9] What is your dog's offense??

[+51, -10] I don't see what it is. He cannot stand him. It will never change!!!

[+46, -6] So you still need extra work after getting the man killed?

[+31, -10] It's so annoying, he can't bear it

[+20, -3] How is your dog on the road? ^^

[+15, -0] I like her less and less… and her looks are getting even better…

[+4, -0] Does the owner of the murder dog get involved in the scam? We know for sure that this is a scam.

[+3, -0] Choi Siwon e

[+3, -0] Smoke comes from every bad block.

[+1, -0] Seeing him creeps me out… for I remind him of his dog

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