Lee Byung Hun LA's house was robbed

Article: Lee Byung Hun's LA home was burglarized… “glass doors broken and smashed”

Source: Daily Economy by Naver + Naver + Nate

[+360, -152] We only stay in Korea if we need to earn our money

[+159, -2] Just found out today he has a house in LA… hyung, can I come?

[+153, -19] It seems like a modest house for someone of his wealth

[+65, -10] Glad no one was hurt

[+59, -1] Oh, he has a house in America…

[+54, -9] From country to country, what a vibrant life

[+50, -1] Another house in the US… it's really another world where these famous people live

[+45, -0] I think it's lucky that all they did was take some stuff, especially with the poor gun laws in the US ~ money can always be recovered, but still happy no one was hurt…

[+17, -0] The rich have somewhere else to go if we get into a war, many of our common people will be shielded by meat.

[+11, -1] I'm sure a guy like him has many houses

[+21, -3] All the famous people who make their wealth here in our country will eventually take it abroad to spend there and not here.

[+8, -0] Whatever

[+3, -0] Public safety is very bad in the US. I bet rich cities are always meant to be like this. Maybe he should invest in some guards.

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