SM has resolved the contract war with Chen, Baekhyun, Xiumin after 18 days


Article: exo ChenBaekXiu & SM clarify the misunderstanding, “We will continue the contract”

Source: Idol Issue + Insight via Instagram

[+200] If you read SM’s statement, they agree to correct the contracts -> that means the contracts are not valid. All that talk about external forces is not only misunderstanding but wrong. No one said what SM said turned out to be true ㅋㅋㅋㅋ SM started this whole scandal by trying to portray boys as traitors to people who don’t know the details of the matter, and now it’s like ” it’s a misunderstanding” ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+147] SM, you better wake up… Since they agreed to amend the contract, they admit there were problems. All that talk about “foreign forces” is just propaganda from those who are all up in arms because of a misunderstanding. They really tried to use the boys as traitors, and it’s ridiculous to say, “actually, we’re all fine now.” … Did they think we would all stand up and clap for them? I’m bored SM…

[+97] There are many entertainment agencies out there but only SM has these contractual issues..

[+94] After your contracts are over, please leave SM and start your own agency. I can’t stand such an ugly company that has exo. SM still thinks they can get away with using their power and ruining their own artists like this. Wake up, SM. It’s not the hot shots you had in the past. exo saves your money. #1 This is a complete lie that some outside groups have tried to perpetuate. SM raised the suspicion and is now apologizing. #2 SM’s manage the contract and continue their relationship with ChenBaekXiu. #3 In the end, ChenBaekXiu was the victim but SM was misled as the victim this whole time.

[+63] So all the issues that SM posted are their mistakes. They agreed to correct the contracts = that means there was a problem with the contracts in the first place. “Foreigners” = just a misunderstanding. SM was wrong all along..; They are more organized now…

[+47] I just hope they actually get everything sorted out and it’s not the end of a blackmail or anything. So glad it’s over ㅠ the members are in pain!

[+33] It is clear that SM agreed to amend the contracts because they were not compatible in the first place. Why does SM maintain contract control at ChenBaekXiu’s request if there is no problem? It is clear that SM is the one who put their tail down in this fight after ChenBaekXiu asked the FTC to investigate all the contracts under SM. They knew something scary was going on so they decided to put their heads down and obey. No matter how much media they put out, no one believed them, and the public is accusing them of turning this into another TVXQ or a remake. also the trouble TVXQ. No one wants to apply to be an apprentice under SM with all these slave contract scandals, and SM knew that continuing this fight would hurt their image. With Baekhyun selling so many songs alone, I’m sure they don’t want to lose him either.

[+19] “External forces” is something SM’s side did. SM would do better with this comeback.

[+19] This is a first for SM, right? Nice ending ???

[+13] Looks like SM doesn’t want to give up on ChenBaekXiu, all things considered

[+9] You guys are hurting ㅜㅜㅜ guys, please give your thoughts on exo‘s comeback on July 10th ❤️

[+9] “Don’t understand” ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+9] Aren’t their ajusshis less popular now?

[+6] SM, if this happens again, I will kill you…

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