Lawmakers have discussed new laws to protect overweight students

Article: Seolhyun's story about “167 cm tall but forced to weigh 48 kg” … young idols will now offer the best protection

Source: Herald Economy via Naver

[+487, -15] What a waste of resources with this stupid law. Instead of worrying about children caught in delusional dreams, why not worry about caring for low-income children or children suffering from rare diseases?

[+129, -11] Isn't the whole point of being a celebrity to sculpt what the public wants? You can't put a celebrity out there and command the public to like them no matter what they look like. The closer you get to what the public expects, the more successful your career as a celebrity will be, and it should be. then the kids who don't fit that label give up and look for another dream.

– [+0, -0] Yes, it's the same idea that basketball teams don't pick long plays because they're not fair. Idols are willingly choosing to sell their health for fame and money.

– [+1, -4] I think you don't understand how difficult it is to expect a 168 cm tall idol to drop down to 48 kg weight.

– [+5, -0] ^ Do not become idols?

[+89, -3] Nonsensical laws… where is the support for minors? There are news stories all the time of children who grow up in orphanages and decide to commit murder. Did you know that European art schools all enforce strict hygiene rules on their students? Their weight regulation is serious… I feel like maintaining a certain weight is normal, the minimum requirement of a K-Pop idol.

[+77, -6] So what do idols want? Their cake and eat it too? What else do they want? A free pass into SKY university too?

[+52, -8] I say these heavy things are ridiculous but these people are idols, not ordinary people. You don't expect an idol who is 158 cm tall and weighs 58 kg, it's ridiculous. You have to consider the investment these agencies make in these people. They have a line of children who fit their model waiting outside their doors, they don't have to meet you if you don't want to follow their desired weight. Idols just need to put their heads down, do it, make money, and get revenge when they become famous and free.

[+15, -1] Of all the rules we have to do now, why one for idols .. very sad …

[+8, -0] Yes, but who is forcing these children to be idols? ㅋㅋㅋ If it's too hard for you, don't do it

[+25, -19] I think the law is doing something good… even if these children want to be idols, they are still people, and first and foremost, they are “children” .. Their basic security must be protected. , and I think regulations like this are a good thing.

[+5, -0] These rules do not matter because companies cannot test a pig 167 cm high 80 kg in the first place. This is not to say that I underestimate the other issue of idols being a bad influence on food culture and children, but this is another issue.

[+4, -0] Don't be an idol if you hate standards. If you want the kind of money they make, then you have to put up with what they say. Why would anyone want to see cellulite floating around on their television?

[+3, -0] If FNC didn't control Seolhyun like that, she wouldn't be as popular as she is today

[+3, -0] Why bother being famous if you're so worried about your weight being under control? Just go hit the books and marry a rich man.

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