New Jeans announced the iPhone 14 Pro in their new music video

Article: The phone in New Jeans’ Haerin’s hand in their new music video?

Source: Budget via Naver

[+748, -327] Now they are singing a song in Korean while advertising for Apple… It bothers me, especially considering how much Samsung has done for our country and how much they donate every year. I have never heard of any donations made by Apple to our country… although I have heard of all the money they made from the courts on a round corner.

[+576, -161] New Jeans… is a little sad

[+434, -56] BTS will only take pictures with fans if it is done on a Galaxy phone. The new Jeans, it’s a disappointment…

[+454, -82] It’s sad to see a Korean girl group go public for a company that directly competes with a Korean company.

[+357, -33] New Jeans is not a category that is expected to have positive effects. Since they started to try for luxury brands, parents are faced with chodings and elementary school students are afraid of the desire to buy expensive products, everything is lined with bags of brands from foreign countries.

[+174, -16] And this is why kids are so obsessed with iPhones lately.. It’s a sad thing.

[+147, -14] I guess it doesn’t help that I’m Korean because I thought “if this was for Samsung”

[+129, -10] Yes, this will go well with our chodings who are already obsessed with wearing Gucci and Chanel

[+91, -14] When the COVID hit our country, Samsung Lee Jae Yong went above and beyond to secure vaccines for our country, and also donated a ton… To go advertise his direct competitor… Of course, they are free to do what they want, but as part of their influence, they should learn to be more rational…

[+53, -10] I know it might be good for the money but it can’t be good for their image

[+49, -8] Don’t Like New Jeans…

[+44, -3] Currently IVE has “galaxy” in their songs, car ads ㅋ

[+40, -8] I do not expect patriotism from them but please use our minds. This is an unthinkable choice of theirs.

[+28, -5] It’s a bad thing

[+28, -6] I will distribute New Jeans from now on

[+24, -3] Their new song is not very good. ‘Ditto’ didn’t bring any kind of emotion.

[+25, -7] This makes me hate them so much. Go to Korea if that’s how you play.

[+21, -5] Money is important, but so is patriotism… Especially in a generation where kids are being punished for not having iPhones at school…

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