Attrakt has sued the producer of ‘Cupid’ for theft and fraud

Article: The office of Fifty Fifty has filed an additional lawsuit against the CEO of The Givers for charges of embezzlement and embezzlement.

Source: Munhwa Ilbo via Naver

[+811, -5] No matter how badly they want to transfer agencies, the least they can do as human beings is to restore the money made in it before leaving, isn’t it? What did they think was going to happen when they filed a lawsuit while they were getting all these CFs and deals? That would leave their CEO with nothing but a mountain of debt, and they knew it. It’s just human error.

[+397, -2] This is the first time in my life that I have teamed up with the company and given them all my support. I hope that this event causes the artists or their parents to know the wrong from the right, and also realize that what they are doing now is very bad. The emotions of the public are always with the artist (just watch TVXQ + HOT + ChenBaekXiu) … but for almost the majority of the public with the CEO that means you it’s wrong. To throw away all the things the CEO has in store for you… please know one thing.

[+313, -2] CEO-nim…. humanity is not stable. Just create a Fifty Fifty with beautiful and better people. Let’s be honest, their views were … not … I honestly thought the CEO was a con man who conned little kids to not popular at first because kids didn’t seem to be doing anything else before.

[+264, -0] Their parents are doing their best ㅋ trying to fund their daughters like this

[+158, -0] Uneducated parents + greedy working with their thug a producer + idiots chasing after their idiot parents = everything leads to downfall

[+52, -0] The number of ads that members are complaining about is a total of 12 shows on TV. Let’s give them a round of applause for handling such a series. And you better not dare to blame your parents for the stigma. You are disgusting.

[+94, -43] I feel bad for children. They are ’04ers, almost 20 years old, what do they know about theft or foreign power? The writer Ahn Sung Il does not think about the way he chose to deal with all this. They are also parents.

[+50, -0] Ban these four ladies from the industry…lots of rock traitors.

[+28, -2] The CEO of Givers is a pirate. People like him should be put out of business for good.

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