Self-help author Mark Manson called Korea the most depressed society

Article: “Korea is the most depressed society” famous American research study

Source: KBS via Naver

[+203, -12] Jobs such as trade and anything that brings important things to our society should be more respected, but celebrities and politicians do not have jobs for millions of billions of victories to destroy us all.

[+144, -3] Inflation continues to rise while jobs are still difficult, people are increasingly stressed and depressed~ on top of the stress our population is shrinking from low birthrates~~

[+97, -1] If we all quit SNS and cut out comparing our lives with others, our happiness meter would be more than half.

[+81, -3] But the author also said that we are resilient, one of our best strengths… I honestly think we can improve this as a society.

[+75, -5] Our society is in a constant state of stress and anger. Every day is like being in a war, fighting for your life. We must learn to live only 'average' lives. Stop all that competition in big cities, go live where you want and slow down.

[+15, -1] I still prefer our society to America full of guns, drugs, and gambling~

[+12, -0] Serious ideas, serious competition, rules for you, not me … we should focus more on the consideration of others and be a positive influence in our society.

[+6, -0] I think he is right… all of our people are sad

[+8, -3] Are you not discouraged by a president like us..?

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