[PANN] Jihyo's dating rumors exploded.

It's been like that since Kang Daniel, but the standards are so fucking low.

“'TWICE' Jihyo and Yoon Sungbin have been dating for a year…'I Live Alone' second couple / Details below”

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Article: Jihyo's dating rumor exploded.

One. [+248, -3]
Do you like that guy with his eyes closed? LOL
2. [+183, -65]
Are you really claiming that her standards are low…? Isn’t Sunbin Yoon a member of the national team? Her appearance is subjective, so I think she's pretty good with this couple… She and Jihyo have always maintained a healthy beauty.
three. [+145, -4]
In fact, there are members of TWICE who have caused controversy due to dating rumors, but Jihyo had the least trouble with TWICE compared to other members.
4. [+108, -11]
What's happening this year? In less than April, dating rumors are popping up one after another, including Karina and Lee Jae-wook, Han So-hee and Ryu Jun-yeol, Kim Sae-ron and Kim Soo-hyun, and Jihyo and Yoon Seong-bin.
5. [+88, -1]
My taste in men is consistent haha ​​Kang Daniel and now Yoon Sungbin haha ​​A huge man who looks like a big puppy and has thick thighs haha.
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