Freezia’s representative, tends to bits of hearsay, Freezia to visitor on variety shows as booked


1. [+2,846, – 374] So everything about her life has been phony, her impropriety has no limits

2. [+2,261, – 35] Her whole life is simply phony, she ought to go to China, the place that is known for imitations

3. [+1,673, – 503] Enough will be sufficient. So imagine a scenario in which some consideration searcher conveyed a few fakes. It’s wrong that she did that but on the other hand, it’s not ideal for everybody to chase down and examine every single detail to stop these doubts too. Kindly effectively advance your own lives in the time you’re spending on this.

4. [+598, – 29] I’m worn out on this news, it’s been Song Jia news for quite a long time as of now

5. [+331, – 1] She’s fundamentally the following Ham Sowon… not rich but rather professing to be one to bring in cash off of it

6. [+217, – 3] That’s tough of her to show a phony Dior pack for a Dior advertisement… I shake my head at that. I’m humiliated for her, really.

7. [+199, – 1] Wearing fakes isn’t right however she defrauded her watchers by professing to purchase all of this at the retail chains by showing receipts and everything. That is a complete trick, and she should be kicked out of the business to be shown the outcomes of her wrongdoing.

8. [+167, – 5] She’s crazy… I have never seen anybody be so indecent with regards to their fakes ㅋㅋㅋ She never attempted to conceal it either, just put it front and center and focus. I’m feeling recycled humiliation for her.

9. [+158, – 2] Amazing… a Dior counterfeit for a Dior promotion ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ that is so silly

10. [+123, – 5] Reminds me of when Kang Sora was featured for resembling a goddess in a 30,000 won dress. The really lovely look like goddesses in the least expensive of garments

Source: Chosun Naver

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