The middle school student who attacked the female politician also appeared to throw coffee at Yoo Ah In's trial

Article: “The middle school student who attacked Bae Hyun Jin also threw coffee at Yoo Ah In”

Source: E-People via Naver

[+2,423, -28] He is very rotten, what will happen to him when he grows up?.. He should be cut off from society.

[+578, -7] Separation from society is the only answer.. what a monster..

[+526, -26] I wonder what her parents are like~ ㅎㅎ

[+494, -12] Now that we know that he has done this more than once, the punishment should be more severe. If you let kids like him go because “they are young, they still have a bright future” blah blah blah, you will end up with a big box on your hands down the line.

[+46, -2] So he threw coffee at a celebrity, hit a politician on the head with a brick and didn't stop even after they fell down… what is he going to do …?

[+41, -2] The adults in his life have failed him. Just a middle schooler… probably learned life through YouTube.

[+41, -3] If you give it now, the coffee later will be acid ㅎ and maybe it's not a brick but a knife ㅎ he should be severely punished

[+26, -1] I heard that he has long been known as the weird kid in his town… he should be cut off from real society

[+20, -1] He will be the devil. Isolating him is the only solution.

[+19, -0] So it went from coffee to bricks…to what else? A knife? It is very clear what comes next, let us be vigilant and isolate him from society –;

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