[THEQOO] An So-hee, first pictorial with short hair

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Source: Deoku / translation: Ketizenstars

Article: Ahn So-hee did a pictorial shoot with short hair for the first time.
1. She is the epitome of uniqueness.
2. Wow, it suits you surprisingly well. Plus, he seriously looks very young.
3. What's wrong with your skin? Why is it so white? I thought you were a doll.
4. It's really attractive ㅠㅠ
5. Seriously, she is mysteriously pretty.
6. Sohee is still like a baby and is so pretty.
7. She hasn't changed. There's nothing I can't do.
8. The charm is really great, it really suits you…
9. It's like AI….
10. Crazy… I didn't know this hair would suit me well, wow…
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