Kang Daniel on potential road as an ‘actor’ with Disney

Singer Daniel Kang challenged himself with his very first acting job in the original series ‘Rookie Cops‘. He’s just began moving that route, therefore he’s a great deal of opportunity for development, though he’s a long approach to take as an actor.

The original series ‘Rookie Cops’ was just recently published by Disney Plus.’ Rookie Cops’ captures the campus life of impressive, enthusiastic youngsters that are fearless however have several unanswered issues, but are filled with passion. Since just episodes one and two are launched, there continues to be absolutely no strong focus on campus life neither love development yet.

The very first original series which Disney Plus launched was ‘Rookie Cops’. The male lead is Daniel Kang, with proven himself as a solo singer out of the group Wanna One. It’s acknowledged that Disney Plus cast Daniel Kang, regardless of acquiring zero acting experience.

Kang Daniel confessed he’d been asked whether he’d goal to get into acting for 3 seasons. He said, “I always believed that acting was an experienced area which actors are within their personal domain so if ever before the chance found me, I’d to exert effort hard” His primary option work was ‘Rookie Cops ‘. He chose to show up like possessed since he thought it will be the last youthful problem for him.

In episodes one and two of ‘Rookie Cops’, that had been released on January twenty six, the police academy newbies had a strong declaration ceremony. Kang Daniel played the role of Wi Seunghyun, a senior police officer with an a huge sense of justice and also can’t put up with some injustice.

In episodes one and two, Kang Daniel’s look is brief. The length of his collections is additionally not much time. At most 2 sentences. It seems it is still too early to examine the acting skills of his with just the two episodes released. Nevertheless, maybe even in that very short length of time, you are able to believe the range of his of feelings are limited which his vocalization is lacking.

Kang Daniel is definitely found being expressionless. Since there’s not much change in the facial expression of his, the persuasiveness of the feelings of his and what he’s attempting to convey to the audience is low. Furthermore, the lacking vocalization and also the point that you are able to pick up his Busan dialect impact his speech is disappointing. For an actor, vocalization will be the foundation among the fundamentals. You want a particular tone of your for this.

Did Disney Plus look at protagonist in Kang Daniel by simply considering his potential? Obviously, it’s not feasible to assess anything with only the second and first episodes of ‘Rookie Cops’. To determine whether he is awkward or good is nonetheless ambiguous. ‘Rookie Cops’ is a sixteen episodes drama. There’s still lots to be revealed. Kang Daniel has a very long approach to take as an actor. Nevertheless, attention is targeted on whether he is going to be in a position to show a difference in picture.


1. I turned it off since I’d no clue what he was attempting to say

2. He should really just… exercise dancing

3. Both Kang and Jisoo Daniel are equally terrible but look at the distinction in press responseㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
IU also was terrible while in Dream High times, though we have to remain in line with everyone. If they are awful they are terrible, do we have to lie about it?

4. I assumed he was alright?

5. I did not have some expectations because of the drama and wound up enjoying it which put me in a very good mood. Kang Daniel likewise delivered above the expectations of mine. He’s very gray and he also looked very attractive in some scenes it shocked me. I feel like he will pull off these youth dramas well. But honestly, I practically dropped out after watching the very first scene

6. I believed he did fine, I will look ahead to ep. 3-4

7. His acting is something, though he does not offer the visuals to act

8. Kang Daniel’s blog posts is usually love that –> individuals provides criticism that is constructive, not hate –> his fans begin shielding him treat everyone such as a hater –> then this particular appeal to the particular trolls and haters who’ll come here and then bash the face of his

9. The individuals that are saying he did well are most likely his fans… We previously sacrificed all sorts of objectivity from the start

10. Really the individuals shielding him, did you really check out the drama?

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