[THEQOO] Timeline of the stories of Ryu Jun-yeol, Han So-hee, and Hyeri that shake the community all day long

“3 o'clock in the morning
Ryu Jun-yeol and Han So-hee dating rumors based on sightings in Hawaii…
9 am
Both of them are in Hawaii, but the agency released an official statement asking for their privacy to be respected, but neither denies nor acknowledges this.
We chatted during lunch and thought the conversation was over, but…
11 AM Hyeri’s Instagram Story “This is fun” + Hyeri unfollows Ryu Jun-yeol
Each community site is speculating about whether or not there is a ‘transfer/transfer love’.
Around 3 p.m., articles by trash reporters begin to spread along with the word ‘transit love’.
Han So-hee posted on her Instagram before 5 p.m., “I'm not the type of person who dates on public transportation + I think it's funny too.”
An article came out showing Han So-hee and Ryu Jun-yeol greeting each other for the first time since the news of Ryu Jun-yeol and Hyeri's breakup was announced.

This incident ignited a fire throughout the community from the moment I went to work, ate lunch, and left work, and it continues to this day.
“Companies that act make their claims public and wait for the end.”

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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Timeline of the stories of Ryu Jun-yeol, Han So-hee, and Hyeri that shook the community all day long

1. I’m curious as to why Hyeri posted that in the first place. It must have been difficult for Han So-hee to be hated all day long.
2. What evil deeds did Han So-hee commit?
3. Han So-hee would have been hated even if she had remained silent. She's clearly denying something that isn't true, so you can understand why she responded.
4. I hate them both so much that I don't think I can watch their work anymore.
5. Why do people keep saying ‘Hyeri, fighting’? In the end, it wasn't even a love of public transportation.
6. But the sight of the dog holding a knife was very scary.
7. The biggest problem here was Internet users.
8. Stop hating Ryu Jun-yeol and Han So-hee now. And stop teasing them about their looks.
9. What did Han So-hee do wrong to receive only one side of support here? I'm not anyone's fan, but the person who got criticized for the rumors posted on the community site was Han So-hee.
10. Fighting, Hyeri!
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