The woman who got burned in Korea found success in South America as a K-Culture influencer

Article: “Life in Korea is hard” Woman in her twenties moved to Mexico and found success

Source: E-day via Naver (original NY Times article)

[+1,415, -41] The funny thing is that he left Korea because he didn’t want to stay here but to promote Korean tourism in South America and make a living now…

[+982, -51] In short, he is making his money from selling the good things of our country to Mexicans, since there is no Korean expert living there… ㅋ None of this would be possible for him if our country was poor and poor. He should be thankful that he was born at a time when he might be considered a failure in his country but he was able to earn money from our country in other places. Our country is not Hell Chosun to him but an opportunity.

[+362, -31] He left Korea because he couldn’t live here and now he’s making money from selling our country ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ what a world…

[+79, -10] Don’t Mexico have a lot of violence problems? ㅋㅋㅋ

[+39, -0] It’s so funny that he hates Korea and lives it ㅋㅋ

[+18, -2] So he went to college in Korea, worked abroad in Canada, then took a vacation in Mexico before moving there for good… when did he have time to hold down a job in Korea long enough to get “burned out” as he said? I don’t get anything…

[+13, -0] I think the article title misrepresents his story. He faced various struggles during his experience of working and living in Korea along with the various difficulties brought by the COVID, and he found a new way for himself that made him successful. It’s not just “leaving Korea out of hate” and now selling our culture to survive.

[+12, -1] Maybe the country he burned was not Korea but its people… our people don’t mind our own business, always judge others, compare everyone to each other… Instead of continuing to live in a society that hurts you, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to find a new society to join that meets your needs. And it’s best to do that when you’re young. There is no guarantee that other societies will be better for you but at least you will have the practical experience of trying it out… Life is long, after all.

[+10, -1] I am not happy because he does not like to live here but now he is making money from selling our country to another country. He seems to be an open man.

[+10, -1] I think it’s not a bad thing for talented, young Koreans to try to live abroad and experiment instead of all flocking to the same cities here. Create your own successful career~~~

[+9, -1] The article title should not be bad. We all know that Korean society is very competitive with a narrow path to success. I think it’s great that he found a new way for himself that works for him…!

[+8, -0] So he left Korea for Mexico because he couldn’t live here and now he’s making money from selling Korean culture in Mexico on TikTok?

[+7, -0] It was only successful in South America because of the popularity of Korean culture. Imagine if he was not Korean but from Myanmar. Will he still be successful?

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