Minji from NewJeans is accused of having plastic surgery

NewJeans Minji’s cosmetic surgery is really subtle and has yielded excellent results.

This was before to her plastic surgery. I believe she altered her nose and eyes.


She has a natural beauty.


1. [+315, -119] No, but everybody can see that she had cosmetic surgery. Do you honestly believe she didn’t touch her face?

2. [+206, -53] My elementary school graduation picture is equally unappealing, but aren’t most primary school graduation photos?

3. [+170, -55] No, Minji’s elementary school, middle school, and guitar academy professors who advised she audition all claimed her nose was already like that and she didn’t need plastic surgery, so why do you constantly imply she did her nose?

4. [+123, -19] You’re even more pitiful when you act as though you’re complimenting her while displaying your inferiority issue.

5. [+17, -7] Because it isn’t plastic surgery.


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