Park Min Young’s sister quits ex’s firm

1. [+1,764, -44] This just adds to Park Min Young’s bizarre image… So her and her ex met their parents, her unni worked for him at his firm… and yet they split up so quickly once the scandal broke? It seems she was attempting to conceal her secret connection in order to utilize him for his money before breaking up with him and marrying some ordinary person in public later on. She should have simply kept quiet about the whole thing.

2. [+1,127, -18] When Son Dambi’s controversy surfaced, she said that she had returned all of his presents and that they had nothing to do with each other anymore. When Park Min Young’s scandal broke, she announced that they had abruptly split up and that they had nothing to do with each other anymore. These female celebs believe these crazy beliefs are true. tsk, tsk

3. [+409, -22] It’s only fair that the unni relinquishes a job she only obtained because of her dongsaeng now that they’ve split up. Park Min Young must also return any gifts she got from him.

4. [+352, -13] ㅋㅋㅋ Surely no one is so stupid to assume they split up?

5. [+159, -2] Park Min Young-image ssi’s has been completely damaged

6. [+82, -2] Her ex-pride husband’s must be hurting him!!! Surely she had to have understood he was just a chairman in name??? Unless you can actually feel something like love for him as long as he’s affluent… but that’s a big step down after dating Lee Min Ho and Park Seo Joon.

7. [+64, -1] This is disgusting. She had no trouble obtaining that job via nepotism, but now that it’s a public issue, she’s cutting everyone off so quickly. It’s revolting, tsk.

8. [+64, -4] Park Min Young, you’ve done a lot for a plastic monster, haven’t you?

9. [+60, -0] What a joke the quick breakup was.

10. [+53, -1] Her lack of standards has been revealed to the whole world, and her image has been completely ruined… is this the end of her fame career?


1. [+783, -72] Something about her physical appearance suggests that her life objective is to marry wealthy.

2. [+435, -4] All that remains of this issue is that the whole country is now aware of Park Min Young’s poor standards.

3. [+301, -10] Normally, when spouses are intending to divorce, they would begin resolving problems with family in this manner before announcing the divorce… yet the unni quit after the divorce? When did it all become viral? Isn’t the time perfect?

4. [+261, -12] She was entirely swayed by his money, wasn’t she? Everything was given to him.

5. [+141, -5] A celebrity’s image is everything, and hers is entirely wrecked.

6. [+122, -4] So, why did they split up? It seems like she hasn’t spent any nights at his apartment or even visited his parents in a long time. Why not simply get married when she’s already given him everything?

7. [+114, -2] She does have one thing going for her… she is most likely the most successful cosmetic surgery case our nation has ever seen.

8. [+110, -2] So the scandal broke, they split the following day, and the unni resigns the next day… it’s so amusing how they’re all trying to break connections with him when everyone already knows that they’re prepared to sink down to his level in the first place…

9. [+75, -2] She had no issue offering him her body and whatever else while he was supporting her… but now it’s a “breakup.” She should stay off of TV.

10. [+61, -3] I believe her cosmetic surgery is catching up with her. Her face seemed to be disintegrating.

11. [+52, -1] She appears so different to me now… I can’t concentrate on her problems because I keep thinking about her guy. This is why image is so crucial.

12. [+50, -1] As a renowned actress, this is really humiliating. She should have been more careful, no matter how eager she is for money.


1. [+2,066, -41] Her image was entirely ruined in an instant.

2. [+1,361, -17] I saw photographs of the dude that weren’t obscured… and awful!!!! It seems that all a guy needs is some money for women to attach to him like glue!!! Unfortunately, all of the money was a sham…

3. [+969, -318] This ajumma isn’t even on Kim Tae Hee, Song Hye Gyo, or Jun Ji Hyun’s radar, yet she’s been blowing money like water. Tsk tsk, she’s so cheap.

4. [+376, -28] She may be driving a high-end vehicle, but it’s all coming back to haunt her now.

5. [+273, -2] Park Min Young has been in the workforce for a long time. For her, an import automobile is not out of the question… It’s simply that her image has been damaged as a result of this. She’s mainly recognized for bootstrap characters, such as office ladies who rise through hard work… but to be engaged with a guy who’s been in prison for loan scams? For using loans to spend millions on drinks at nightclubs? To put money from an unknown source into a cryptocurrency scam? To include other family members in all of this? Her image will never recover from this, no matter what she does from now on. For celebrities, image is everything.

6. [+201, -4] Filming a romcom on TV and a real-life sponsor

7. [+142, -2] Don’t tell any lies. According to what I’ve read, her current Lamborghini Urus is registered in that man’s name.

8. [+89, -1] This conman has both her and her unni hooked on his money… very sad for both sisters. ~~~

9. [+83, -2] She had such a powerful stomach that a man’s physique was little more than a small potbelly with skinny limbs like a fly. I don’t believe I could have a cup of coffee with him.

10. [+65, -2] Her image is now just…


1. [+113] This unni really knows how to attract money, doesn’t she?

2. [+37] Birds of a feather flock together. She’s accustomed to sponsors on the level of Han Ye Seul; why would she settle for a guy earning less? It’s a pity since she’s already earned so much of her own money at such a young age; what more could she possibly want?

3. [+48] The celebrity business is just one rung above than the prostitution industry. Sponsors are associated with both female and male celebrities. If you start seeing the same names in viral searches and untalented youngsters obtaining drama part after drama role, it’s almost always the work of a sponsor.

4. [+89] If top stars like Park Min Young and Han Ye Seul can receive this degree of sponsorship, can you picture the sponsors engaged with B and C-list talents? ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+82] She has such a powerful stomach… I don’t believe I could manage dating a guy like him after working with such attractive co-stars all day.

6. [+39] She selected a pot-bellied smartphone ajusshi out of all the males she could date. What a blunder in class. And to just split up after it’s already made headlines; on top of that, her face is growing more grandma-like.

7. [+41] She clearly had all the greatest options in the world, and she selected a scammer out of them all, like some prostitute selling herself…

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