BTS briefs at the White House for the anti-Asian hate conference

1. BTS gave a briefing on Asian discrimination at White House in our language, something that even our Ministry of Foreign Affairs was unable to do. While some might not consider this a major deal, or prefer to see them enlisting in the army, or even a subset misogynist men in twenties, I am proud of BTS for taking on discrimination and fighting against put-downs. It breaks my heart that they are shouting about discrimination in the US, but still suffer from discrimination in their country because they don’t like them.

2. BTS’s popularity has exceeded that of any other music group. They have a worldwide influence and spread positivity around the globe. They are Asia’s true pride. Only Korea doesn’t see this and continues to degrade them, which is so sad to me.

3. They are my pride and joy

4. BTS is incredible. You can do so much with such influence. They are leading the way in the world, and they bring honor to our country.

5. It feels unbelievable, but it is also extraordinary. How could a group of people from our country…

6. They spoke in our language. The White House. This is something that our politicians have never done. This is a justification for army exemption. Please acknowledge this. They are recognized by the entire world as being representatives of our country. As representatives from Asia.

7. All of those filthy rich who paid for their children concerto tickets abroad should have this opportunity to be exposed. This is an excellent example of what it means for us to honor our country. It is absurd that a rando who has bought their way into a nugu concerto should be exempted. kkkk

8. This is a worthy exception. They have done more than any Olympic athlete.

9. Representatives of Asia, the pride of our nation!

10. I never thought I would see the day when I could hear Korean from the White House. These treasures are truly a source of pride for me. Their positive influence has created miracles! There are many more miracles in the future, I’m sure! BTS fighting!


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