BTS’s Jimin caught by corona and had appendicitis surgery

Covid-19 test resulted positive for BTS Jimin.

On the 31st, Big Hit published a declaration posting, “Jimin felt an unexpected stomachache having a mild sore throat on the evening of the 30th so he gone to the critical room of a near by clinic and then took a PCR along with a comprehensive test. As a consequence of the check, he was revealed positive with corona and also simultaneously identified with acute appendicitis and underwent operation in the first morning on the 31st under healthcare staff’ suggestion that the procedure was needed. Based on healthcare team, the operation went very well and Jimin is currently sleeping and recovering. We intend to keep on hospitalization for the moment since he is positive for corona and also just getting appendicitis surgery.”

Additionally they emphasized, “Currently, he’s mild sore throat symptoms though he is improving and hasn’t had connection with other members throughout the period as he was regarded as infectious. We are going to do our best therefore he is able to get back the health of his as soon as possible.”

1. But…a pregnant female was denied surgical treatment and gifted birth to an infant within the ambulance. Just how was it easy for him to get surgery instantly also right after testing positive for corona?

2. A lot of kids here cannot see properly…he got operation today right after he went in Sunday evening for just a test for corona and discovered he’d appendicitis..

3. I hear in a place that Jimin donated hundred mil won two times this season for kids that are sick with cancer. I am hoping he is able to get back fast and also regrow on stage…we’ll wait for you.

4. Get well shortly, let’s meet up with each other in health that is good.

5. I am hoping all of our treasure is restored to wellness quickly..

6. The degree of the comments…he did not have operation instantly, he arrived in the evening the day before, got test and had operation the following early morning. All those accusing him of discrimination should be experiencing an inferiority complex..

7. He is a public figure, a movie star, who simply got identified with appendicitis corona, make sure you send him your strength…if something goes completely wrong and you are cursing him this way, will not it be a shame?

8. He is someone that is more influential compared to any Korean diplomat. We want you a speedy curing. Find power!

9. Did Jimin request preferential cure for operation right after he was affirmed corona? And so exactly why is he getting cursed for having surgeryㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. He simply got identified with corona while receiving treatment for appendicitis, make sure you send him the strength of yours.

10. Why are individuals getting upset when he is the one that is suffering?


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